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Subject: Should i break my promise.
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9j2 8.02.09 - 09:36am
We have been luvrs 4 three years now & da problem is this i luv this girl with all my heart & i promise 2 luv no 1 but her, & 4 da past 3years she has been disappointing me & i've been 4givin her, last time i find her kissin with my friend & apologise 2 me but she was still dating with my friend, so i don't know what 2 do should i 4get about the promise i made to god & 4get about or what? & she keeps sayin that 'you promised god so u can't stop lovein me. Please i really need your help *

bambi_09 9.02.09 - 09:19pm
God will forgive you you should do what makes you happy an what feels right dump her if shes gonna put you threw this rollarcoaster relationship you can find someone better then that that wont put you threw some much cr*p if she cheated on you once she will do it again its like clock work you dont have to listen to me but just think about what im sayin *

ij07 13.02.09 - 02:09pm
God sees nd knw everythng,he knws u ar nt happy wit wat she's doin 2 u.i thnk dat promise was mistake cs u were in luv wit her.so buckle up nd break dat promise if u wanna b happy. *

ellenak 24.12.09 - 05:55pm
fast ask God 4 4givness ad let him show da way. am sure hes not hapy with what is hapening 2 u *

hwyangel 28.05.10 - 05:44pm
The Bible Allows For Divorce In Cases Of Infidelity. When She Cheated She Clearly Rejected Your Love. God Loves Everyone But Dose Not Recognize Those Who Reject Him As His. *

hwyangel 30.05.10 - 01:52pm
You Can Love Someone And Not Have s*x Or An Intimate Relationship. God Commands Us To Love Even Our Enemies. *

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