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Subject: He is confusing me
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androh 12.05.08 - 08:21am
one minute he says he needs time the next he says he wants to try workin on our relationship and that he stil loves me but when we talk,he just talks to me as if im just one of his buddies,doesnt call me baby o all the cute nicknames he use to,never says he loves me.i dono wat to do,cos i mean if he needs time does it mean i should leave him alone til he decides to come back to me o should i just wait like a fool as if beggin him? pls tel me wat do guys really mean when they say they need time? *

foxy_j 18.07.08 - 02:35am
hey wen a guy said he needs time sumtime he means he need time 2 sort himselve out or his goin 2 dump u x *

laura98 19.07.08 - 12:01pm
its either he has some1else or he wants sometin 4rm u *

mystic88 16.09.08 - 10:25pm
U need 2 talk 2 him see if there anything on his mind *

jgirl94 23.09.08 - 12:10am
Hun the guy aint worth it if he treats u lyk anthr one of hs buddies thn u shud jst dump hm on the spot *

debby10 9.11.08 - 10:27pm
well girl i won't say dump him or keep him, it depends on whateva u think his right u may say he still loves u but i don't think so, but if he continues this way i think u better think twice b4 u find urself in a hospital (heartbreak) *

nrthwing 10.09.09 - 11:58am
A woman is highly xplosive in inxperiencd hands nd in tis case ua bf is inexperiencEd.Melts wen properly treatd,very bitter if nt wel used of which u r so in shrt find a man hu wl handle u wit atmos care cz u deserve betta nt hm. *

chickdy 16.11.09 - 12:00am
Gal wake up n smell the coffee!the signals he is sendin r so clear, the guy is jst nt that into u anymo'. He wil nt admit it even if u ask him.u beta move on dear *

bambi_09 12.12.09 - 07:08pm
well you have two options you can wait for him cause maybe he doesnt know how to express his feelings or you can find some one else an move on he might then get jealous an make his move or he might let you be happy with the other guy it all depends *

philose 3.01.10 - 02:18am
Hey lol jus follow yo heart gal. If yu luv him or not if depnd in yo heart. *

scarletz 2.02.10 - 05:32am
Just do this, don't leave him just yet, but be on the search for new people, so if he does not come back, you got somewhere to go.but seriously- get someone who treats you good. *

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