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Subject: Is it time
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dj.gloss 18.09.10 - 01:18pm
It feels strange to nt talk to her my(bff) but at the sametime what do i say to her' we hav nt deleted each other yet the question is do we really want to? I dnt knw what to do or what to say' maybe apologies but for what reason as i had nt done wrong' confused as hell yet hurten as well...what to do have nt a clue anymore *

johnie14 14.12.10 - 05:32pm
Don apologise if u never went wrong.stand on ur principles as u wait for the right one *

dj.gloss 10.01.11 - 09:59pm
Thanks johnie n correct you are' its a new start' new year n alot has happend 4 the better bt non the less thank you so much *

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