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Subject: Pvt.
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dj.gloss 1.09.10 - 04:33pm
Is it wrong to not want to share about your most kept tales,..why should one have to tell them inorder for ppl who want to knw u better is it truely a must, can't the what u see is what you get be all to it for nw after all is it nt up to the person to choose if they want to let you knw nd not adoring snooper karma's *

chickdy 1.09.10 - 10:53pm
Am assuming u r talkin abt whetha or nt couples shud tell each other evrything.even the deepest darkest secrets.anyhew methinks revealing everythin abt urself sumtimes aint a gud idea.sum things r meant 2 b left alone/unsaid. *

dj.gloss 3.09.10 - 10:19am
Totally agree with you on that matter' the past is the past and best to be unsaid' or else it may just cause unwanted DRAMA....... *

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