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Subject: Whats the diff?
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zahra21 28.08.10 - 12:51pm
okay. .so u meet this guy/girl. . .u feel sooo attracted to her/him. .all u do is think about them.how can u tell if its love or just an infatuation?there is a fine line between the two. .how can u tell if uve surpassed the love line n went straight to infatuation process? *

dj.gloss 1.09.10 - 04:08pm
That's a very good question, & one i may add that not all can answer 100% correct....it's been said one has to follow/go with your heart but nw to me hw c*m so many can't indiff between l*st & love, it may as well be a one nyt stand but don't insult your self by calling it love. *

hiffy 28.11.12 - 11:28am
So mny people confuse l*st wif luv bt both are as different as night n day. Coz if u l*st som1, u fink abt ursef only n d pleasures u cn derive 4rm d person. Bt if u luv some1, u fink abt what reasonable n lyf changing things d person gain 4rm u. Also u think abt d person first den, ursef. *

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