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Subject: To stop running
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dj.gloss 3.08.10 - 12:44am
Hi everyone:
i cant explain it but i know how it feels' i tend to fear up to open to anyone but mostly its from the ones i do love the most but now why am i so empty and emotionally blockout all loving close moments its like i just cant do it or allow it to show or happen. Crazy i knw but i just don't knw anymore *

zahra21 28.08.10 - 12:44pm
Some people are just born that way. . .they clam up when it comes to frndship n relationships. .just go out with frnds often to boost ur confidence *

zahra21 28.08.10 - 12:46pm
people think im a cold person coz i dnt open up easily. .but thats just the way i am. .trust is very important in any relationship n must be proven *

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