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Subject: Help 4 A Kid
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hwyangel 15.06.10 - 03:13am
There Is This 14 Yr Old Boy I Know. His Father Is Verbaly Abusive. He Lives With His Mom But She Neglects Him In Favor Of Drugs And s*x. She Has Been In Trouble But Because His Immediate Needs Are Being Met The Cps Wont Take Him. He Is A Very Smart And Good Hearted Kid. Any Ideas How I Can Help Him. *

oinker 17.01.12 - 10:29am
Ppl said i was gettin abused a couple of years ago but all it was is my personality disorder thing. I was taken from my family for a few months but i became shut off from everyone and ended up depressed. They took me back home and said sorry and they said they didnt know i had problems and that my family dealt with them as best they could *

hiffy 28.11.12 - 11:35am
Be his friend. His friend in d sense dat getting close to him and his heart so dat u can always tell what's going on his mind. By doing dat u will be able to help him even when he does not av d courage to say some things dat are bothering him. *

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