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Subject: holy molly!
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1nce_b10 14.03.10 - 03:41pm
av bn hurt like a millie tyms by chicks and was outta tis s**t kold love 4 almost 3 years nw..m nw insearch 4 a gf but m afraid of history repeating itself.wat shld me do n hum shud i trust? *

chickdy 23.03.10 - 08:26pm
Trust no 1. Bt also do nt get into a relationship with the wrong mentality of ur partner wil/ might hurt me in the near future. Jst relax n let luv take its course *

1nce_b10 25.03.10 - 10:47am
wtf!u the last person u cn advice me abt tis cz u like lesbian.so wtf do u knw abt heteros*xual r/ship?angry.GIF *

chickdy 25.03.10 - 08:52pm
, u r shallow no wonder u cannot keep a relationship? 1. I aint lesb, am bi, 2. Who told u lesbs cannot give advise? Or u think lesbs r ed? With that attitude u hv ul stay single n stupid! Oh p.s: wat were u doin in a lesb wap group? Thot u wud get sum action? Ha! *

1nce_b10 27.03.10 - 03:10pm
kumamako!ulidhani niko cngo ha!i gt a gf u !she is frm rwanda. *

chickdy 28.03.10 - 10:05pm
Yea n i bet shes in anotha chick.ma dame ni wajanja sana.u think amekaa tu hapo waitin 4 u? Ha ha ha... Ur 1 fool.u gotta long way 2 go! *

chickdy 28.03.10 - 11:48pm
Oh n anutha thing, i thot u said u were searchin, hw did it endup u hv a gf in rwanda? Cn u make up ur mind?.... LOSER! *

hwyangel 28.05.10 - 05:26pm
WOW Whats With All The Contention? Id Have To Say Dont Date On Prodigits *

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