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Subject: help me
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ellenak 24.12.09 - 05:50pm
Am in lov with a maried. he has convinced me about his lov 4 me. am woried cauz of what had hapened 2 me b4. i dont want 2 hurt anyone. plz help me *

chickdy 26.12.09 - 02:31pm
I think he's with u 4 one reason,s*x!he can neva leave his wife.jus 4get abt him.ul get a good single man.wat do u mean wat had happened b4? *

ellenak 27.12.09 - 05:27pm
hav bn in enganged 4 9 years ad never got maried he left me 4 another woman despite what we had gone through 2gether *

chickdy 27.12.09 - 06:48pm
Oh,sorry 4 wat happened b4.bt i think u r fallin into the same trap lyk b4.this guy is married,he wil nt leave his wife n marry u,it rarely happens.u beta leave him nw n save urself frm heartache *

ellenak 27.12.09 - 06:56pm
Thanx but we r not 4 mariage but 4 friendship ad company though we hav agreed 2 let nature takes its corse *

chickdy 27.12.09 - 07:37pm
As long as uve agreed on the terms of ur relationship,then thats ok.bt if u sense that ur gettin too attached 2 him,RUN.. *

ellenak 27.12.09 - 11:11pm
Thanx ur such a darling *

philose 3.01.10 - 02:10am
Baby gal plz plz plz im bggin yu live him cauz yu r goin 2 make thingz diffcl 4 her wife n yu darling. *

hwyangel 28.05.10 - 05:35pm
He Is Cheating On His Wife. And You Are A Booty Call. You Could Do Better At A Swinger Club. *

niteman9 15.06.10 - 06:14am
Some one please help me how can import electronics good to india. *

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